Dolia Media and Design

Dolia Media And Design

Dolia is a graphic design and social media management company focused on supporting and empowering small businesses.  
We create and manage business websites, social media pages and creative artwork.  We also assist small businesses with their digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing

About Dolia

The name Dolia is a form of endearment for what is known as Pareidolia.  Pareidolia is the tendency to see recognizable objects and patterns in vague or random stimulus; such as patterns in leaves or clouds.
 Our lives, our businesses, our online presence are stored in the digital cloud, captured forever.  Dolia strives to build and create the images we want others to perceive.  We embrace the world’s randomness, the creativity and diverse possibilities through a wide scope of attention.
…and as the ancient society believed, the clouds will help us make sense of the chaos of the world.

What We Do

Creative design 500 x 543
Get Online 500 x 543
Be Social 500 x 543


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